Another Example of great Customer Service

Another Example of great Customer Service

Quality customer service is one of the most appealing offerings any company can provide to its customers. Often forgotten or difficult to support, when any company makes a gesture of simple human touch, it will always strengthen the brand and it’s value. Basecamp did just that to me recently. I plan to stay a loyal customer to any company that treats me so well.

Thank you!

Welcome (again) to the World’s Digital Age


Forbes’ 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age repost is not a new article.  Rather, it is a reminder as we enter 2014 and beyond that the consumer…well, consumerism in whole…. has changed in our world due to the digital age.  As companies plan forward, we must also evolve to face an omnichannel marketplace where behavior and relevancy are primary pillars of our customers’ interest in product and services.  Are we messaging them in a way they want; when they want to be reached; and with how they want it delivered?  If we aren’t, be assured that someone else is.  And if you aren’t moving in that directions folks, pack it in now.  Playing catch up is far better than simply standing your ground…no matter how well it has worked in the past.  “In the digital age, brands are no longer mere corporate assets to be leveraged, but communities of belief and purpose.”   Read on….

Farm Your Village

19th century engraving of a Burgess and Key's Reaper

There are so many different ways to refer to your consumers: guests, customers, clients, tribe, buyers and the list goes on.  I like this way of looking at consumers as a village.  It implies a relationship that draws from each other to thrive.

But to add to that, without strategy, execution, feedback and analytics it is almost impossible to have a business relationship with your village.  Think about it.  How on earth can you know what to distribute to your “customers” without first knowing them….relating to them?  Harvest time is upon us and it is good to reflect upon that bounty before the winter comes. Get in touch with your village.  Listen and communicate with them. Those are two sure ways that can only grow your business.