Top 6 Awesomeness Online


I’m a Chrome user and have been since about 2012 or something.  I think that’s when it launched. Google it. Before then I was a Firefox guy, but for the same reason really – bookmarks.  Yup, bookmarks.  Not just a redefined feature, a game changer for me.  Plug-ins are cool too but the real story for me was that browsers now came with the ability to access those same bookmarks across all my devices.  Across my Mac, home PC, work PC, iPhone, iPad, mini…the list goes on…I could access my bookmarks, which keep everything so very organized for me on the messy web, on any device. Wow, bookmarks.

You see my memory for certain things is unceasingly bad.  Images I remember.  Places?  So-so.  Names?  Forget about it, to use the pun.   In Yiddish I’m called katzisher kop.  I’m not Jewish, but it means the forgetful one.  And the only reason I remember that is because upon further investigation I found its literal translation apparently is “cat head”.  Now that’s an image I can remember. Regardless, because my faltering memory I keep a list for everything in my life in a notebook for offline and in a bookmark for things online.  Bookmarks keep me organized so I don’t lose neat stuff when I first see it.

The point is I have a bookmark entitled – Awesomeness.  It is filled with what I believe are The Coolest web designs and articles I’ve come across.  The commonality to them is parallax scrolling. (I Googled that one for you.)  I love the way parallax scrolling lets designers tell stories on the web.  Some from this list have won awards, some are a bit dated but they all still fascinate.

  2. New York Times article
  3. 53
  4. inTacto
  5. Whiteboard
  6. Hard Graft

What brought about my total tangent of a post today was this professional article I am actually reposting.  Parallax scrolling is thought of, in this Forbes article by Steve Cooper, to be a standard of 2014 web design.  Its time has come.  2014 is going to be Awesomeness.