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At Gannon Solutions, we care about vision and strategy first. We research and deliver engaging planning. We design and develop beautifully tailored websites and products cunningly optimized for all devices. We are a full-service digital firm. That means we partner with you from inception thru analytics to help you stay relevant to your current customers and attractive enough to attain new.

Gannon Solutions connects you to customers in meaningful, innovative ways.

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Small Business Saturday Has Arrived


Today is Small Business Saturday.  If you are a small business looking to grow your neighborhood following, today is your day.  American Express has dedicated this day to assist mom-n-pop shops to compete in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday arenas.   It’s not too late to hit your Facebook business pages, Twitter feeds and friends’ social networks.  Resources are available to help you post and tweet with #shopsmall.  See USA Today’s big press for small businesses.  Enjoy YOUR day Mr. and Ms. Small Business while you get online and build your social media following.

Black Friday Gamble? All bets are in.

Black Friday blog

With Walmart beginning a week early, this year’s Black Friday is already off to the races.  This year’s shopping routine is a crapshoot, according to a post at Retail Customer Experience. For instance, more stores are risking opening their doors this year on Thanksgiving.

“With more retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day, 13 percent of U.S. consumers plan to shop on that day. However, a hefty 46 percent of consumers plan to shop on Black Friday (Nov. 29), as the day continues to be the prime focus for the bargain-conscious consumer.”Read more: The Big Lie About Shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday |

So with all bets this week on big box stores, a smaller business should be doubling-down on the findings that our poll reveals: many shoppers will continue shopping weeks after Black Friday.  Now is the time to activate social media channels to drive your already loyal followers, letting them know you are a sure thing.  Shopping local hits fever pitch this Saturday, November 30 with American Express sponsored Small Businesses Saturday.  Take advantage of all the marketing and promotions available.  Join in and promote your business.  Get the word out and cash in on this season’s gamble.  It’s a good bet you will extend your social media without risk because there are many supported and organized campaigns nation-wide.  Ride on their expense, and tap into their efforts.

Strategy in Social Media

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How’s your business’ social media strategy?  If you are like the majority of companies today, you still do not have a true strategy.  Econsultancy reports that 62% of businesses today do not have a content social media strategy, and most are not using outside resources.  That is hard to believe when you consider that 72% of every adult in the US is using some social media for everything; from finding a restaurant, to an outfit to wear, a new business opportunity or the inevitable posts to just let everyone know that your day is going “fantabulous”.  The latter post aside, consumers are perusing products to purchase in the social media marketplace.  At the same time B2B content marketers continue to adapt social as a key tactics to their company’s overall marketing strategy each year.  No matter what lens you are evaluating through, social media is constantly evolving.  It’s time we tap into these networks more strategically.

SimplySocial is just the resource to help us achieve our social media goals and leverage opportunities that are too often missed or misused.   Founder and owner Tyler Arnold has developed a new product offering that can help you extend your social presence and grow your business.  This affordable platform allows businesses to capitalize on content imagined by every employee as contributors.  But don’t worry; you are still in control of what hits the social media landscape with a simple hierarchy-based approval process. Unlimited “content contributors” may submit ideas to managers at no additional cost to the platform license fee.  Haven’t we all had a good idea or two that wound up getting lost in the back-and-forth banter between approval chains?  Or if you are a smaller business, that fun and interesting water cooler conversations that is enjoyed, good ideas being shared then forgotten because you had no easy tool in place to log them?  SimplySocial does just that.  Like its name implies, it is a social media content management tool that allows contributors to capture content for approval, scheduling and posting to the web.  Plus SimplySocial works in a campaign format so your brand is protected with thoughtful organization.

Social media is a viable delivery channel for new and loyal customers.  SimplySocial figured out how to make it, well, simple.

Contact SimplySocial today for a free demo.  Tell them Gannon Solutions sent you!

About SimplySocial

Founded by a small group of experienced technology entrepreneurs, SimplySocial has grown fast into a dynamic organization of world class talent. Each day, we work together to do what we love: deliver the best technology and service to customers, and challenge each other to learn and perform at the highest levels.

Twitter Kills me


OK people, it’s 11:00ish pm CST and I’m trying to keep up. Does anyone else hate Twitter? I mean really?! Who gives a $&!? at this hour. I realize it is a power publishing tool for those who have less than 140 characters to say; but come one!! Can’t you say a little more AND a little less often? I’m over it. My Grandfather used a saying when he knew it was late and the time was coming for a reckoning. You know…it was time to pay your bar bill or it’s time to get home and off the streets? “It’s getting dark” he’d say with mystery in his voice. That’s all. We kids would run like hell home! Well Twitter, it’s getting dark!