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Gannon Solutions Philosophy

At Gannon Solutions, we care about vision and strategy first. We research and deliver engaging planning. We design and develop beautifully tailored websites and products cunningly optimized for all devices. We are a full-service digital firm. That means we partner with you from inception thru analytics to help you stay relevant to your current customers and attractive enough to attain new.

Gannon Solutions connects you to customers in meaningful, innovative ways.

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Gannon Solution Digital Marketing Strategy and Product Development from Shawn Gannon


Scary Email Mistakes to Avoid

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Email Marketing – The key here is relevancy.  Sure “pretty” and “pretty often” is important too; but it’s not OK to consumers to receive an email blast that does not provide them behavior-based offerings they want today (or may want tomorrow). Keeping up with your customers’ needs is 24/7.  Plus adding the various devices from which they can receive your email means consumers want what is relevant to them at the time AND location they receive your message.  Now that’s a pickle.  But Gannon Solutions can help.