Month: August 2014

Saved by Strikingly Site Builder

Back in September of 2013, I was one of many folks who were laid-off from their jobs. Still, not that uncommon.  However in my case, this was my third layoff in 6 years!  After 25 years of jumping through corporate hoops I decided corporate America was showing me that they just didn’t care enough about hard working, dedicated professionals. So screw those corporate monkeys, I decided to start Gannon Solutions – a digital consulting agency to help small and mid-sized businesses with their digital needs. My focus was everything from strategy, innovation, content marketing to corporate identity, branding and simple web design.

Now how to get started? First things first, you have to have a website with strong SEO to simply be legit and get your name on the web. Seed money was a factor in the beginning and not being a developer myself, I began researching ways to get my site up and running fast and inexpensively. That’s when I came across Strikingly. It wasn’t the first web builder I found. There is just a ton of them out there. In fact, Strikingly was one of the last ones I found. Saving the best for last served my purpose perfectly.

Strikingly has one of the easiest user interfaces I’ve worked with. It is very intuitive to users. The simple interface allows you to test different features without worrying that you’re going public. You can save as you go and publish once your happy with the look. It also has mobile previews that I found very helpful, as I wanted to be sure to have a responsive site that looked great on all devices.

My business is operating well, I’m happy to say. I hire developers to assist me in creating all different kinds of websites from native code to open sourced templates; but I always provide my clients with the option to use Strikingly because of its simplicity and low cost. You’d be surprised how quickly that can make a a trusted bond as a consultant. Too many consultants are in the market charging far too much for web development. I often think of it as how some people profit from the under-privileged during a disaster. Web sites are a single channel for a business, albeit an import channel. As a consultant, one should never take advantage of a business simply because development is a higher skill. Strikingly helps me to provide a simple, inexpensive solution to a single channel opportunity.

So when Strikingly asked me to blog about their service, I was happy to oblige.  I love how turned out.  I keep it updated and fresh with new content.  I also made a resume site at with Strikingly. Both sites are optimized for SEO and have garnered much attention. I’m a pretty satisfied customer. Thanks Strikingly for helping me out in a pinch!