9 (well 10) Ways To Stay Scrappy In Business


These 9 Ways to Stay Scrappy in Business are true.  And I’m proud to consider myself to be a pretty scrappy chap.  That said, I would like to add another tip to round the list up to 10 ways to stay scrappy.

“Tip #10 – Decide what you’re willing to give up.”

When starting a business, growing a business or simply keeping up with your business, we all know there are things we give up. Often times those are things we don’t want to give up.  In my case, I’ve recently given up my apartment. Yup, listed it on AirBnB.com and allowed it to be rented by strangers for 3 nights/3 days/8 hrs/30 mins. I decided to myself that I am willing to give up my personal space to acquire more seed money to get my business off the ground. And I’d do it again (in fact, I have a couple more reservations this month!).  It’s not easy.  Far from it!  I HATE staying at others homes. As a bit of a self-proclaimed hermit, my place is my fortress of solitude. A sort of security blanket. Without it I feel powerless and incomplete. But you have to be scrappy to survive in business .

Think about what you’d give up to keep move forward in business.

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