Month: October 2013

Scary Email Mistakes to Avoid

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Email Marketing – The key here is relevancy.  Sure “pretty” and “pretty often” is important too; but it’s not OK to consumers to receive an email blast that does not provide them behavior-based offerings they want today (or may want tomorrow). Keeping up with your customers’ needs is 24/7.  Plus adding the various devices from which they can receive your email means consumers want what is relevant to them at the time AND location they receive your message.  Now that’s a pickle.  But Gannon Solutions can help.

Twitter Kills me


OK people, it’s 11:00ish pm CST and I’m trying to keep up. Does anyone else hate Twitter? I mean really?! Who gives a $&!? at this hour. I realize it is a power publishing tool for those who have less than 140 characters to say; but come one!! Can’t you say a little more AND a little less often? I’m over it. My Grandfather used a saying when he knew it was late and the time was coming for a reckoning. You know…it was time to pay your bar bill or it’s time to get home and off the streets? “It’s getting dark” he’d say with mystery in his voice. That’s all. We kids would run like hell home! Well Twitter, it’s getting dark!

Gannon Solutions launches


Have you ever had one of those days when you thought…”Damn, I’m sick of working for the man!” Had that thought 9/25/13. This article inspired me to begin my own company. I don’t know where it’s headed, but as Scott Goodson, Forbes contributor says…I’m just stupid enough to give it a try. And anyone who knows me will tell you I work 24/7 when I’m inspired. Here I go!

Introducing: Gannon Solutions